Product Update October 2023

We've had a packed month here at Dual Space, handling over 100 companies' requests (and maintaining daily tracking)! But that's not all; here are some of the major items we shipped during October.

Supercharged Downloads Data

downloads data

Initially, we could only handle one package at a time. However, recognizing that most dev tools companies distribute across various platforms, we now offer a unified view. You can track Python, Node, Rust, Docker, and more, all on one screen.

One more thing: did you know there is no existing dataset on Docker trends and pulls? Well, there is one now, and it's already part of the Downloads section. For instance, take a glance at MongoDB usage trending down (yes, you can even use Dual Space on publicly traded dev tools companies).

MongoDB Downloads

New Category: Vector Databases

vector databases Our vision for the Discover categories is to give you a baseline on the traction of the existing companies, so when you see a new contender, you can easily understand their market share and benchmark accordingly. With that in mind, we're introducing a new category -- Vector Databases!

Here's who we have to start with:

  • ChromaDB
  • Weaviate
  • Pinecone
  • Milvus
  • Qdrant
  • LanceDB

More will be added soon – stay tuned!

Organization support & API access

org support We've made a way for you to add your team to Dual Space. Now, you can invite and onboard your team members by yourself. If you request a company, the report will be visible to your colleagues as well.

We also enabled API access for people who want to get the data programmatically. If you're interested in this feature, let us know, and we'll set you up.

That's all for now! We look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future, and we would love to hear from you.