October 6, 2023: Best Trending OSS Projects

A weekly digest of the trending OSS projects — We keep track of high growth, high quality projects, analyze them and share with you.

1. electric
Local-first sync layer for web and mobile apps. Build reactive, realtime, local-first apps directly on Postgres.
High Signal Stars: 2238
Discord: 212

2. bruno
Opensource IDE For Exploring and Testing Api's (lightweight alternative to postman/insomnia)
High Signal Stars: 2808
Discord: 76

3. hyperdx
Resolve production issues, fast. An open source observability platform unifying session replays, logs, metrics, traces and errors.
High Signal Stars: 3838
Discord: 53

4. streaming-llm
Efficient Streaming Language Models with Attention Sinks
High Signal Stars: 2297

5. quill
Quill - A Modern SaaS-Platform Built With Next.js 13
High Signal Stars: 485

6. configu
A simple, modern, and generic standard for managing and collaborating software configurations ⚙️✨.
High Signal Stars: 956
Discord: 23

7. clickvote
Add upvotes, likes, and reviews to any context ⭐️
High Signal Stars: 863

8. fill
Generative fill in 3D.
High Signal Stars: 515
Discord: 16

9. crowd.dev
⚡️ The developer data platform to centralize community, product, and customer data
High Signal Stars: 1648
Discord: 82

10. localpilot
Use GitHub Copilot locally on your Macbook with one-click!
High Signal Stars: 812

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