October 20, 2023: Best Trending OSS Projects

A weekly digest of the trending OSS projects — We keep track of high growth, high quality projects, analyze them and share with you.

1. CogVLM
a state-of-the-art-level open visual language model
High Signal Stars: 501

2. scalar
Beautiful API references from Swagger/OpenAPI files ✨
High Signal Stars: 886
Discord: 10

3. omnigres
Postgres as a Platform
High Signal Stars: 633
Discord: 26

4. XAgent
An Autonomous LLM Agent for Complex Task Solving
High Signal Stars: 758
Discord: 4

5. radius
Radius is a cloud-native, portable application platform that makes app development easier for teams building cloud-native apps.
High Signal Stars: 292
Discord: 32

6. pulsar
A modular and blazing fast runtime security framework for the IoT, powered by eBPF.
High Signal Stars: 496
Discord: 30

7. learnhouse
The Next-Gen Open Source learning platform ✨
High Signal Stars: 186
Discord: 2

8. MemGPT
Teaching LLMs memory management for unbounded context 📚🦙
High Signal Stars: 2034
Discord: 127

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