November 3, 2023: Best Trending OSS Projects

A weekly digest of the trending OSS projects — We keep track of high growth, high quality projects, analyze them and share with you.

1. smallchat
A minimal programming example for a chat server
High Signal Stars: 2605

2. OpenSign
The free & Open Source Alternative to DocuSign
High Signal Stars: 1461
Discord: 12

3. winterjs
Winter is coming... ❄️
High Signal Stars: 628

4. streamdal
Client-side observability using Wasm
High Signal Stars: 323
Discord: 19

5. doltgresql
DoltgreSQL - Version Controlled PostgreSQL
High Signal Stars: 399
Discord: 148

6. autollm
Ship RAG based LLM web apps in seconds.
High Signal Stars: 288

7. ohm
A library and language for building parsers, interpreters, compilers, etc.
High Signal Stars: 3898
Discord: 49

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That's it for this week!