November 10, 2023: Best Trending OSS Projects

A weekly digest of the trending OSS projects — We keep track of high growth, high quality projects, analyze them and share with you.

1. sshx
Fast, collaborative live terminal sharing over the web
High Signal Stars: 2471

2. Yi
A series of large language models trained from scratch by developers @01-ai
High Signal Stars: 2105

3. tailspin
🌀 A log file highlighter
High Signal Stars: 2187

4. idurar-erp-crm
IDURAR Open Code Source ERP CRM Alternative to SalesForce | Node Js React AntD MERN
High Signal Stars: 1949

5. xyflow
React Flow | Svelte Flow - Powerful open source libraries for building node-based UIs with React ( or Svelte ( Ready out-of-the-box and infinitely customizable.
High Signal Stars: 14567
Discord: 394

6. cicada
A FOSS, cross-platform version of GitHub Actions and Gitlab CI
High Signal Stars: 423

7. hiddify-next
Multi-platform proxy client made with Flutter
High Signal Stars: 373

8. punica
Serving multiple LoRA finetuned LLM as one
High Signal Stars: 244

9. DeepSeek-Coder
DeepSeek Coder: Let the Code Write Itself
High Signal Stars: 1222

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