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We solve problems in close collaboration with our clients, providing end-to-end solutions that start with consultation and feasibility advice and only ends when the new technology is successfully integration in the customer’s processes.


Automatic Component Failure Analysis

The goal of the failure analysis is to identify the main components in a vehicle which caused a final malfunction.

p3 dualspace- Adversariality-detection-heatmapping

Detection of Adversarial Attacks in Autonomous Driving

The so-called adversarial attacks represent a real challenge for the safety of the autonomous driving.

p3 dualspace- Nlp-specialized-grammar, Berlin

Using Natural Language Processing to Make Technical Documentation Easier to Understand

Technical documentation in the aviation sector is safety critical and must be clear and precise even for non-native English speakers.

Fusion of LiDAR data and camera images for object detection

Fusion of LiDAR Data And Camera Images For Object Detection

Machine learning models archive excellent results when detecting objects in images.

Predicting liquidity for a medium sized company

Predicting Liquidity for a Medium Sized Company

Bookkeeping has the difficult task of estimating bank accounts liquidity several weeks in advance.